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Apple Nachos - Showing off the Edible

Lynn posting in Showing off the Edible
User: edible_showoff (posted by lynn82md)
Date: 2011-09-29 23:28
Subject: Apple Nachos
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I made this dessert because they didn't have any candied or caramel apples in Sweden like they do back home in the states and I wanted to have a treat just for Autum. So, Apple nachos is born.

You use the following:
Apples (doesn't matter what kind, or what form you have them in-slices or pieces)
Caramel (can be sauce you use on ice cream, which I use or caramel candies)
Marshmellow (I've used mellow fluff before)
Peanuts (whole or chopped)

You arrange the apples, marshmellow/fluff, caramel, and peanuts on a plate or in a bowl the way you want to. Microwaving it is an option, and I do it for twenty to thirty seconds although I do before I put the peanuts on.

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