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edible_showoff's Journal

Showing off the Edible
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Want to show off what you made for dinner?
Did you make your mom's favorite dessert recipe and wish you had a place to show it off before it is gobbled up?

edible_showoff is the place for you.

Take a picture of your latest meal, dessert or other creation and share it with others. Whether it is hand pressed, formerly frozen or full of short cuts, we'd love to see it.

We support from the box or from scratch.


1. Put photos behind an LJ cut. Let's be kind to our dial-up friends.

2. Recipes are optional, but if you choose to include them please be detailed enough for another person to complete. List:
-Total time
-Source. Mind those copyrights. If Better Crocker says not to reproduce, then don't do it. (Making a reference to the page number would be okay.)

3. Be helpful and polite when commenting. Don't knock someone because they took a picture of Hamburger Helper. That's so uncool. We all cherish different meals (and Molly really does like Tuna Helper).

It is pretty simple. Post often (every meal) or sparingly, whatever suits you.

Non-photo posts are allowed, questions are encouraged. And by all means, have fun with it!